Greenfield offers its clients high quality certified organic Oils.  Whether it’s argan oil, prickly pear seed oil, extra virgin oil, sweet almond oil, etc..., we are committed to offer you 100% natural products, from the terroirs of Morocco and other regions where we build exclusive partnerships agreements with local growers.

Our partners are mainly cooperatives of men and women who practice healthy organic farming. They have inherited ancestral know-how in harvesting these endemic plants that Greenfield transform into premium oils for food, feed, health and cosmetic industries.

Human capital, especially women, is a corner-stone of our network of cooperatives. Women are indeed at the heart of the harvest process and ensure the quality and authenticity of the plants. In every supply chain : argan oil,  prickly pear seed oil, olive oil, almond oil etc ... women are the true creators of wealth and value.

Building strong partnerships with women's cooperatives that grow or collect high quality plants while preserving the environment, allows our company to contribute to the advancement of rural women and foster sustainable development through fair and inclusive trade.

To ensure the highest quality of our Oils, we apply rigorous quality controls at every step of the process to make sure that no chemical or phytosanitary ingredients are used, and to maintain the traditional growing and harvesting methods used by our partners for centuries.  We respect the international standards and requirements of organic farming to deliver BIO certified products according to the European standard, as well as the NOP (National Organic Program) reference of the United States which meets the needs of the most demanding clients.