In every corner of our planet, human communities built, through the course of their history, a collective knowledge and expertise in harvesting high quality organic products, specific to their area.  These typical local products have an originality and a reputation of their own.

Morocco, thanks to its strategic location at the entrance of the Mediterranean rim and at the cross roads of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, witnessed a succession of civilizations which had a long lasting impact not only on human communities but also on the environment. This makes the country an important reservoir of plant resources and an important center of genetic diversity for a large number of cultivated crops and wild species.

The cultural diversity transmitted through the generations and the great wealth of biodiversity reflected by the multitude of ecological ecosystems make Morocco an exclusive country rich in local crops, many of which are endemic.

That's why local harvesters practice organic agriculture and collect natural plants that are processed to produce premium oils that Greenfield offers to its clients around the world.